columbiaColumbia Awards – IFAI Canada Outstanding Achievement Award

This 72’-long by 14’-high project was designed to make an impressive large-scale visual impact, using vibrant blue fabric with bold contrasting gold vinyl graphics. Further visual interest was created using complex compound angles contrasted with larger end ‘pillars.’ This was capped off by backlighting the project, creating an impressive nighttime presence.

Quality Inn1Quality Inn

Quality Inn –  IFAI Canada Award of Excellence

This massive 4 sectioned entrance canopy blended smooth fabric, complex angles and wire screen inserts that supports illuminated can signs creating a visual treat for the eyes. To top it all off, the entire unit is backlit, welcoming guests at all hours.

Holes Night (2)holes

Enjoy Centre – IFAI Canada Outstanding Achievement Award

We were proud to be selected to design and fabricate the 5 feature ‘moon flowers’ in the main hall of the Enjoy Centre. The impressive award winning design features complex curved framing, all bent by hand, with a light colored translucent fabric that allows playful use of lights inside or outside the flower, day or night.