We are open to help you get through these times.

Maybe it’s keeping large commercial projects on schedule, or projects and repairs, both big and small from around the house. Perhaps something to help you cope with isolation by expanding your living area and making your backyard more comfortable and usable.

Edmonton Tent is following Provincial Guidelines for social distancing and cleaning to keep our staff and customers safe.

Some specific steps we will be following are:

  1. No more than one customer at a time in our showroom, 6′ social distances apply when inside.
  2. Door, counter, display, and sample disinfecting between customer visits.
  3. We are committed to a contact free environment in the showroom and counter areas.
  4. Repairs may be isolated for up to 2 weeks prior to working on them (depending on material and best practices as newest information is available).
  5. Commercial site visits will be limited to one contact person per site with proper social distances during those visits. Construction sites that require escorts, will maintain social distances as required.
  6. Travel outside the province is prohibited to sales staff.
  7. We will not enter any private residences, particularly those of the vulnerable.
  8. We will use remote sales methods as much as possible, for as long as possible during the sales process.

If you have to visit us for any reason, we recommend appointments so we can prepare for you. If you are dropping in, please call us from outside to make sure we can help you. If you have any symptoms, we politely ask that you delay your visit until you are ready.


Many of our services can begin remotely; quotes, artwork, renderings etc.

We would be happy to guide you through the process.

You can call us at 780-420-1405 to begin the process.


Current COVID-19 situation in the province, as well as the latest information can be found at the Government of Alberta.